There is a certain energy.

An energy that is aware, driving, mysterious, undivided, untouched and untraceable.

We observe this field of energy with awe, reverence and perplexity.

Its gravity is heavy.

It seems to pull us towards itself.


This energy field is why The Surrealist exists.

Every song we release is an attempt to address deeper levels of this field.

To uncover its origin.

To uncover its reason for being.

To uncover its infinite creative potential.

To uncover the fundamental driving force behind all things.

It is

The only thing

That ultimately matters.

Born in the college town of Boston, Massachusetts. The Surrealist is composed of guitarist Roopam Garg and sound designer Austin Rockman. Their two minds serendipitously merged upon graduating from Berklee College of Music.

The Surrealist seamlessly combines two diametric worlds — the world of real, organic sounds of the guitar with the world of abstract, ambient, electronic soundscapes. The marriage of these two worlds produces something intensely unspeakable and seeps deeply into the cracks of human emotion.

Painting upon the vast canvas of silence, The Surrealist uses colors from several influences to craft their sonic masterpieces — metal, minimalism, ambient music, electronic music, classical music and much more.

With sweeping, whirling guitar lines that cascade over blankets of plush, droning soundscapes and intricate modulating rhythms, The Surrealist breaks new grounds and transcends all concepts and conventions, leaving nothing but a pure sphere of sound.

The Surrealist are not composers but architects. Imagine visualizing music from not just a horizontal plane but from a vertical plane as well, Architects start with one foundation, and then a new layer is constructed on top of it, and then another, and another. and another. Eventually the architect forms a majestic structure, just like how the skilled potter sculpts raw clay to form beautiful ceramic.

Thus, every song from The Surrealist is a carefully handcrafted sonic sculpture that speaks of beauty, delicateness, detail and fragility. Every release is a refinement of the practice.

The Surrealist thrives on discovery and invention. There is an incessant calling to go places previously thought to have been unaccessible. What is the ultimate result of this? The expansion of the collective consciousness.


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